How Andy Roy Is Staying Sober After His Stint in Rehab

Andy Roy’s trials and tribulations have been well-documented. He finally seems to be on the right track after his most recent stint in rehab, which ended on February 6. Roy is now two months sober, and taking the proper steps to stay that way. He breaks it all down at the 10:10 mark of the latest episode of Dear Andy.

I did everything different. I went to a halfway house, a sober-living environment, where you do I.O.P., an intensive outpatient program. You have a therapist, counselor… That, I never wanted to do; but I’m doing it. All of these decisions that I made have been the best decisions because it’s changed my life. From there, I do A.A. I know what some people say. But it’s saving my life. I got a sponsor… Now, I’m working the steps. I’m working on my fourth step. It’s been 62 days today. I haven’t drank, done drugs, no weed, nothing. I’m just fucking done with it. And I’m so happy.

Between the sobriety and new teeth, Andy Roy is almost unrecognizable.