UPDATE: Antihero Drops ‘Implosionistic Tendencies: Garble Barf’

Antihero stays true to form by dropping its latest video seemingly out of nowhere. Implosionistic Tendencies: 28 MPH is seven minutes of adrenalin-pumping skateboarding mixed with the usual hijinks that we’ve come to expect from the 1-8 crew. Have a look at the latest from Gerwer, Hewitt, and the rest of the Antihero boys above.

UPDATE: 05.21.19: Antihero just dropped another installment of its Imposionistic Tendencies series. Have a look at Garble Barf below.

UPDATE 04.19.19: What we assumed was a standalone video turned into a series. Check out Implosionistic Tendencies: Auto Pilot below.