Austyn Gillette Talks Debut Studio Album With Monster Children

Last June, Austyn Gillette released Sensorisk. It was the first album that he made under his own name, and the first not recorded in his home studio. It’s somber, and reflects Austyn’s emotions after Dylan Rieder’s passing and three knee surgeries that kept him off of his skateboard for over a year. He talks about how he used music as therapy to deal with those difficult times in his new interview with Monster Children.

In a place like LA, there’s always something going on and a million different ways to preoccupy your mind with everything other than what is hurting you. But Austyn chose music as his escape, and found solace in his solitude. Basically, he went through some shit on his own, and came out the other side. “This record is kinda sad, but it’s honest. It’s not something that gets you to go out—it does the opposite. It does exactly what I’ve been doing for the past year—not doing drugs or staying out late, and just not doing the stuff that truly doesn’t make me happy.”

Head over to Monster Children to read the entire piece. You can stream Sensorisk below.

Image Via Amber Chavez
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