Here’s the Story Behind the ‘90s-Themed Home Brew

You may remember Big Brauther—the home brew that pays homage to iconic graphics from skateboarding’s golden era—from one of our old posts. Cafe Creme Blog tracked down Axel Bourg to get the full story behind the project. It turns out that Axel an alumnus of Cliché and Link footwear, and still works as a designer in the snowboard industry. Here’s how the beer concept developed:

How did you get the idea to make some iconic board graphics on your beers bottles?

I started to skate in the ’80s. I have always been attracted by all the skateboard graphics. At the beginning, it was the Bones Brigade, Santa Cruz, etc… And later all the World Industries era, which was really the best period in term of skateboarding for me.

When I started to brew, I thought that the combo: beer + legendary skate graphics was a good one for old skateboarders.

The name BIG BRAUTHER is an homage to Big Brother skate mag. The first labels were a collage with plenty of classic skateboards graphics. Every bottle is dedicated to a skateboard legend. The first one I made was a Neil Blender IPA and a Hosoi Pale Ale.

Later, I tried to put only one graphic on the label like on the board. It was Dangerous Dune I think, with the taco. Then, I made all the labels in the same way.

Sometimes it’s hard to adapt the graphic on the label, but for the moment it work …

Read the full interview here.

Image via Big Brauther