Banksy Makes a Poignant Statement on Systemic Racism

Banksy is the latest artist to lend his creativity and platform to the current war on systemic racism in the United States. His new piece poignantly depicts a burning American flag above a mirror showing a reflection of a shadowy figure that looks purely evil. The artist released the below statement to accompany the work.

At first I thought I should just shut up and listen to black people about this issue.

But why would I do that? It’s not their problem. It’s mine.

People of color are being failed by the system. The white system. Like a broken pipe flooding the apartment of the people living downstairs. This faulty system is making their life a misery, but it’s not their job to fix it. They can’t—no-one will let them in the apartment upstairs.

This is a white problem. And if white people don’t fix it, someone will have to come upstairs and kick the door in.

Clearly, the time for change is now. You may have noticed that we’ve added a voter registration link to the top of this site. We encourage you to exercise your right and make your voice heard in the upcoming elections, especially in November.

Image Via Banksy