UPDATE: Enjoi Confirms That Ben Raemers Has Passed Away at Age 28

In more unfortunate news, it appears that Ben Raemers passed away earlier today. He was 28. Raemers hailed from a small town in England called Walton-on-the-Naze. He turned pro for Enjoi in 2014, and also rode for Converse and Volcom. Raemers’s death has yet to be officially announced. But judging from the comments on his last Instagram post dated April 28 from Brian DeLaTorre, Mark Suciu, Jonathan Mehring, Andrew Brophy, Pep Kim, and more, this appears to be true. We’ll update when more concrete information is available.

UPDATE 05.16.19: Louie Barletta released the below statement this afternoon via Thrasher that reveals that Raemers took his own life.

Nobody is prepared to write things like these. Ben Raemers took his life over the weekend. Words can’t describe the pain and hurt in my heart right now thinking of his poor soul and the burden he must’ve carried deep within. On the outside, Ben was such a happy-go-lucky guy who would share everything he had with his mates. To best describe him would be to say he was a puppy dog—bundles of energy mixed with dumb curiosity tangled within a body with absolutely no coordination. Every day was an adventure. Every experience, no matter what it was, was the best thing he had ever done. He had this aura about him and he left an impact on every single person he met. I loved Ben like only an older brother could—being disappointed with him at him at times, and so, so proud of him at others. I have this overwhelming feeling of guilt for not seeing the signs. I’m devastated he never reached out for help, but mostly I’m angry I’ll never see my little buddy again. Ben will forever live on in my heart as that naive puppy dog running around happily exploring the world. He will forever be young. Your friends will always love you and miss you, Ben.Louie Barletta

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline offers free, confidential crisis counseling 24/7/365. You don’t have to be suicidal to call. 1-800-273-8255

And in the UK dial: 116 123

UPDATE 05.14.19: Enjoi has just confirmed Raemers’s passing with its latest Instagram post. Our condolences go out to his friends and family.

Image Via Breaks Magazine