Brad Johnson Gets an Extensive Slam City Interview

If you’re not following Brad Johnson’s Instagram, then you are missing out. He’s been posting classic clips from EMB, Pier 7, and the Trilogy era that will make you nostalgic for the ‘90s. Brad’s history with skateboarding runs deep, and intertwines with our own. The connection is covered a bit in an extensive interview published by Slam City this morning.

Did you grow up with Leland Ware of 48 Blocks in St Louis? I saw you mentioned he had BGPs in some of that old footage you posted.

Yes, we probably first met at Kiener Plaza, when were somewhere between 15 or 16 years old. After that though our crew rolled around all over together. I moved to S.F. by myself. Leland moved to Washington D.C. for a bit, a few other homies moved to New York, but eventually there were around 10 or so people from St. Louis that moved out to either S.F. or L.A. Captain and Casey who did the Fuel T.V. show are from St. Louis and Steve Berra too.

It’s also worth mentioning that Brad and Lee were roommates in San Francisco when I moved there in ’98. In my mind, the DNA of Mission Statement can partially be traced back to those days, and conversations that were had on 19th Ave, and at the Pier, Union Square, etc. For more on Brad’s story, head over to Slam City to read the entire piece.

Image Via Ken Goto