UPDATE: Bronze Nails It Once Again With Latest Mixtape

Here’s another dose of quarantine content that we can get behind. With infectious grooves and hilarious drops that synch up perfectly with its video output, Bronze absolutely nails it with its new radio-style audio mix. This could easily be the soundtrack of a Grand Theft Auto game. Give the full hour a listen above.

UPDATE 05.31.21: If your Memorial Day didn’t pop off quite how you wanted it to, listen to Dick Rizzo‘s Bronze Radio Mix above, and straighten that shit out pronto.

UPDATE 03.28.21: Bronze just dropped a new joint last night. These are always a treat.

UPDATE 01.01.21: New year, new mixtape. Check the latest from Bronze and Carat Affair above.

UPDATE 12.20.20: Right in times for the holiday season, Bronze bangs heads with a new mixtape that’s appropriate listening both before and after Zoom call with your family.

UPDATE 10.19.20: Bronze is back with another gem. Peep its latest mix above.

UPDATE 07.03.20: Bronze comes through with more heat right in time for the holiday weekend. Check its latest mixtape above.

UPDATE 05.27.20: Could Bronze mixtapes be monthly occurrences during the remainder of quarantine?! Time will tell. For now, listen to the 5/26 mix above.