UPDATE: It Looks Like the Brooklyn Banks May Be Done

2020 continues to get worse with the news that the Brooklyn Banks may be in jeopardy. After being closed for roughly five years for remodeling; images were shared yesterday via Instagram that show the bricks have been taken out of New York’s most iconic skate spot. The large banks were supposed to remain a public skatepark after the small banks were demolished in 2004. But the future is now looking uncertain. Have a look 5Boro’s Steve Rodriguez’s post about the situation below.

UPDATE 06.22.20: Jenkem dropped a video today that gives a visual update on where things stand currently at the Banks. It’s not looking too good. For the record, if you’re not including Maurice Key‘s switch frontside heel over the wall from Trilogy in your list of best tricks to go down there, we have to question if you really know your shit. Just sayin’.

UPDATE 05.10.20: Yesterday, an online petition was created to save the Banks. It’s already reached over 8,000 signatures and counting in just 24 hours. This grassroots campaign has the potential to get the city to preserve this important piece of skateboarding’s history. You should sign if you haven’t already.

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UPDATE 5/6/20 Parks department let me know it’s a @nyc_dot project. I have reached out to them to see what’s up. As if 2020 could get any worse… hoping the Big Banks situation is just temporary. The #brooklynbanks are the soul of nyc skateboarding. @mitchell_silver can you let us know what @nycparks is planning to do with the space when construction is done? In 2004 when the city demolished the small banks on the other side of Rose street the community were told that the brick banks between Pearl and Rose streets would become a skatepark(which it did) and the space has been used by generations of skateboarders, bmxers and other members of the community. This hallowed ground is so significant to NYC’s culture and for it to be demolished or altered without any discussion would seem tragic. Please let us know.

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