Get Familiar With Caleb Barnett in His First Ever Interview

Caleb Barnett has been on a killing spree for a long time, and had one of our favorite parts in Nike SB’s Trust Fall. It’s a bit surprising that he hasn’t had an interview yet. Fortunately, Slam City got a Q&A with him that provides the vital stats for those of us that don’t know much about him outside of the fact that he rips. If you’re wondering how he got hooked up with Hockey, he breaks that down as well.

I’d randomly see Sage [Elsesser] around. One time we were skating and he asked if I got shoes from anybody. I told him that I’m not sponsored or anything. He offered to get me hooked up from Converse, so I was getting Cons for a little bit, and then one morning he texted me asking if I wanted to start getting FA boards.

I was getting flowed, just skating and doing my thing, and then I started hanging out with Na-kel [Smith]. He became my good homie, and I would skate with him, but I had a job and I lived in Moorpark, California. I wasn’t able to skate as much and then Nak got an apartment and he said I could move in with him but [it meant] I just had to quit my job.

So, I quit and then Nak got me to come on this FA trip. At first, AVE said, “We’re just keeping it to a small crew,” because he didn’t really know who I was, but Nak pushed for me. Then Dill said I should be on this trip. John and Donny were fucking with me so they started saying I should get on Hockey and after that trip I started skating for Hockey. That was my first trip and that’s pretty much how it started.

For more, head over to Slam City to read the entire piece.

Image Via Ben Colen / Slam City