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Catch the Tony Hawk’s Vert Alert Legends Demo Livestream Here



Watch Tony Hawk’s Vert Alert Legends Demo below.

Tony Hawk made his first public ride on the ramp during the Vert Alert 2022 Legends Demo since breaking his femur in March.

Christian Hosoi, Lincoln Ueda, Andy MacDonald, Sandro Dias, Bucky Lasek, Mike McGill, Mike Frasier, and Lizzie Armanto joined the Birdman on the ramp and showed the audience what skate legends are made of.

Stay tuned for the men and women’s finals Vert Alert contest tomorrow.

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Ginwoo Onodera Wins Gold in his X Games Debut



Ginwoo Onodera bagged his first gold in his X Games debut this Sunday. At just 13 years old, he was the youngest participant in the 2023 X Games Chiba Men’s Street. He is also among the youngest to win an X Games gold in history.

The Japanese skateboarding phenom sealed his win in his first run, earning a score of 90.33.

Second placer Kelvin Hoefler tried his best to beat Onodera during his second run. But he failed to land his ender and improve his score. His best run score was 83.66.

Third placer Jamie Foy was initially in the 4th place with 81 points in the first runs. He slid into 6th place after Matt Berger’s and Braden Hoban’s 2nd run.

But Foy made a solid second run earning him a score of 83.33, beating Braden Hoban’s and Kairi Netsuke’s best runs of 83 and 82.66, respectively.

Watch the full coverage of the competition below.

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Keegan Palmer Tops X Games Japan Men’s Skateboard Park  



Keegan Palmer earned a gold medal for X Games Japan Men’s Skateboarding Park.

The Australian skateboarder secured his spot in the first run, scoring 83.66. Corey Juneau came in second, while Gavin Bottger took the third spot.

Last Friday’s competition was supposed to be an elimination round for Saturday’s finals. However, the organizers had to cancel several events because of nonstop rain. They informed participants to treat the elimination as finals in case of cancellations.

Watch the full competition below.

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Cocona Hiraki Wins the 2023 X Games Japan Women’s Skateboard Park



Cocona Hiraki earned her first X Games gold for Women’s Skateboard Park at the X Games Chiba, Japan.

She placed second in last year’s X Games Chiba and third in the 2022 Summer X Games. She is also the youngest X Games medalist at age 10 after earning a silver medal in the 2019 X Games Minneapolis Women’s Park.

The 14-year-old Japanese skateboarder was also a silver medalist in the Tokyo Olympics and the youngest summer Olympian from Japan on record.

Ruby Lilley and Yurin Fujii came in second and third place, respectively.

The competition held last Friday was supposed to be an elimination round. However, organizers cancelled Saturday skateboarding events because of the weather.

X Games organizers declared the elimination standings as the final results.

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