Chad Muska Talks Reentering Skateboarding After His Injury

Chad Muska’s debilitating back injury is well-documented via his 2017 episode of Epicly Later’d. At the time, it seemed like it might have been a wrap for his skate career, which has spanned three decades. Then, without warning, Muska reemerged in a Supra tour video back in March with a few clips that showed that he was back on his board. He talks about the comeback at the 56:08 of the latest episode of Raab Himself’s Bathroom Break podcast.

I recently jumped back into the skateboarding scene after I had my back take me away from that for a while, too. Not only did I start really riding my board again; but I became active in the skateboarding community…going on tours, and skating these demos. Somehow, I’m still able to skate some demos here and there. Definitely not like what I used too. But it’s really reenergizing to connect with that love of mine, skateboarding. To see that the kids are still hyped, and all of that stuff, it’s such a positive aspect of my life.

The legend of Muska continues. Watch the entire hour-long interview above.

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