Chad Muska Says He Doesn’t Have a Defining Moment in Skateboarding

Chad Muska sat down for a seven minute interview with Route One during Supra’s recent trip across the pond. We’re still waiting for the footage from the tour to surface. In the meantime, the ever philosophical Muska breaks down why he doesn’t feel like he has a defining moment in his career at the 6:35 mark of his latest bit of Q&A. His explanation makes loads of sense.

I would say that it’s like a puzzle. Every single piece of my life makes up the person that I am now. I would say that each piece is equally important to become the final memory that you will one day become. So there’s no one defining moment. Because without all of those moments, one of them wouldn’t be as special. It’s like ying / yang, light / dark, summer / winter, the balance of it all. So for me to say that one was the most important would take away from the rest of it. They’re all a part of my life; and I cherish every single moment. The good with the bad, the worst parts are equally as important as the good parts. I take them all.

Watch the full interview above.