Cheddar Poses the Question: Will Supreme’s Hype Survive Its Inevitable Growth?

Currently valued at a billion dollars after selling part of the business to the The Carlyle Group last year, Supreme is bigger than it’s ever been. It already opened a new store in Brooklyn last fall, and  is slated to open one in San Francisco later this year. While still unconfirmed, rumors have been flying of a massive expansion with stores opening up in major cities around the world. And we’ve even caught wind of another deal similar to the Carlyle investment on the horizon. Time will tell.

The question on everyone’s mind is will Supreme’s hype last once its product is less limited? Cheddar recently took a look at the brand’s history coupled with some basic economics to provide a bit of insight into this topic. It also spoke with Alex Corporan and Spencer Fujimoto, which gives this piece a bit more weight than what we’re used to seeing from mainstream coverage of James Jebbia’s giant.

This feature is a few weeks old at this point, but definitely worth a watch if you missed it.