Chico Brenes Has a Part in Palace’s Normcore

Palace released its “Battle of Normandy” clip via Free Skate Mag’s site this morning. As expected, Lev Tanju produced another edit that you’ll likely watch more than once. What’s unexpected is the surprise Chico Brenes part that begins at the 2:53 mark. It’s complete with an opening slate that contains Chico’s name in the Palace triangle, and Chico’s song from The Chocolate Tour (1999). These types of mashups are what make Palace incredibly dope in our opinion. It consistently pays homage to the past while keeping its finger on the pulse of what’s current. Lev also bought out Jay Z’s 40/40 Club last year for the premiere of Palasonic. That was another moment in which Palace absolutely nailed it, and created an experience that we won’t soon forget. Today’s hot tip is to watch Palace’s “Normcore” pronto. Once again, Lev and crew deliver.