UPDATE: Chris Haslam Unveils New Brand & Video Part

Following Geoff Rowley’s announcement over the weekend, Chris Haslam is the latest pro to launch his own board company. With so many new brands starting on what feels like a daily basis, shelf space at retail locations is inevitably tight. It’s obvious that not all of these new ventures will endure for as long as some of our favorite legacy brands. Yet, they are certainly cutting into the bottom lines of these tried and true staples that have been putting out the content that has shaped our lives for decades. The free market economy will decide who sticks around. We just hope it’s the ones that are putting out quality footage and photos, and not just really good at social media. Have a look at Haslam’s Brain Child announcement below.

UPDATE 02.11.19: Haslam sits down for a lengthy interview on the latest episode of The Nine Club. He talks about Brain Child starting at the 1:43:44 mark.

I do everything. I do the art; I do the graphics for it. I’ll probably do some of the video editing, and maybe some filming… I don’t have a team yet. I’m just looking. I’m open for positions.

I always felt like I wanted an outlet to do stuff. I felt like I had a lot of time out of skating; because my skating is pretty selective with the spots. I’m not just gonna go to Hollywood High anymore. I also have a lot of rules when I do film parts. I hate doing a trick on a spot twice in a video, minus this last part…

I thought this part was going to be my last part. Because I tried to get a board sponsor when I left Almost, but everyone was like [no]. [It was the] same with the shoes.

Anyway, I have a lot of time; and I like to draw stuff.

UPDATE 02.06.19: Haslam punctuates the brand announcement with a new part that released via Thrasher today. We’ve embedded it above.