Chrome Ball Drops Jake Rosenberg Interview with Vintage Footage

Jake Rosenberg helped craft some of skateboarding’s most progressive videos of all time. Chrome Ball Incident covers his long and illustrious career in its latest interview, which includes an edit of unseen raw footage form the ‘90s. Rosenberg also weighs in with his take on how Mike Ternasky would view skateboarding in 2020 had he not tragically passed away in 1994.

How would Ternasky view skateboarding in 2020?

I think he’d be stoked on skateboarding today. All of the endless expression and diversity… he would lose his mind over somebody like Nyjah. A kid like Chris Joslin is such the perfect Plan B rider and how his True part rolled out was so incredible. So meaningful to see him come through that way. MT would’ve been stoked on that.

Mike just wanted people to be passionate about what they were doing. He was always interested in things that were real, coming from a good place. That’s what mattered most to him. Pure expression. Don’t be phony about it.

Read the full interview and watch the edit here.

Image Via Mike Blabac