Lance Dawes Cosigns the Slap Message Board in New Chrome Ball Interview

The Chrome Ball Incident sits down with Slap founder Lance Dawes for its latest in-depth interview. Dawes delves into the magazine’s rich history, and also weighs in with his thoughts on what it’s become in its digital forum-only incarnation.

But does the Slap Message Board jive with your original vision of what Slap is? Because in your very first foreword of issue #1, you wrote how Slap is all about giving the people a voice. One could say the Message Board is the ultimate expression of that. 

I don’t think I know enough about the Message Board to truly answer that. But with what you’re saying, that’s basically social media in a nutshell anyway. It doesn’t matter if it’s Slap or not, those voices are coming out of everywhere these days anyway. It’s just that the Message board is our forum to do it on.

But let’s face it: sitting around and talking shit with your friends is one of the funnest things in skateboarding. Hell, sometimes it’s almost more fun than actually skating. I can talk shit with Sal and Grosso all day long and have just as much fun as I would on my board. If that’s what people are doing on the Message Board then good for them. And to all those pros and industry dudes who get pissed off at it, grow the fuck up. I mean, goddamn, how are you going to get pissed off at someone typing some shit? Who cares? That’s ridiculous to me.

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Image Via HUF