R.I.P: Dave Abair Has Passed Away After Going Missing

After going missing last Friday, it was confirmed yesterday evening that Dave Abair has passed away. He was 34. Originally from Vermont, Abair burst onto the California scene over a decade ago via the SHUFFL video. He ultimately made his home in San Francisco, and has been associated with numerous brands over the years. At the time of his passing, Abair was pro for Scumco & Sons, Independent, and Satori. In March, he dropped the above part via Thrasher that was accompanied by an interview in which he talks about the loss of a close friend and struggles with alcohol.

This part is called This One’s For You. What is the meaning behind that name?

The name is for my best friend Sean Stem who is no longer with us. A way that I like to have him with me is by wearing a shirt or sweatshirt with his name on it. It makes me feel like he’s still on the session. He would have been proud. We always talked about what it would be like to film a part for Thrasher growing up. Getting the opportunity made me think about him a lot. The part is for him.

You were sober for the entire filming of this project. What sparked that?

I’ve had a hard time with alcohol. What started the sober streak was the opportunity to film the part for Novia with Walker. Most of that part is sober, too. I just started having so much more energy when I stopped drinking. I woke up every day and I just felt super motivated and clearheaded. I feel that I skate better when I’m sober. You can go skating consecutive days in a row—no hangover, no jittery legs, no cloudy judgement—just ready to go every day. Even after being super sore you can still push yourself to roll around. I just felt more like myself on the board than ever.

The cause of death has not been released. Our condolences go out to his friends and family.