DC Shoes Releases John Shanahan Vintage-Inspired Collection

DC Shoes has been on a heavy campaign to go back to its roots as of late. With full retro fits and a style reminiscent of Love Park-era Josh Kalis, John Shanahan has been leading this charge for the past couple of years.

DC just dropped a full Shanahan collection featuring a tracksuit, E. Tribeka, and baseball hat. It seems that what started out as paying homage to an era has turned into a full-on revival. It’s too early to tell whether this will catch on or not. But stranger things have definitely come back into vogue as of late.

Have a look at the commercial for this new release above. The Shanahan collection is available now through the DC website.

Update 8/2/18: DC just released this “Yours for the Taking” interview with Shanahan in which he discusses his vintage clothing style, and how he goes about creating it. Have look a below.

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