De La Soul’s First Album Turns 30 Next Month

It’s hard to believe that De La Soul’s first album turns 30 on March 14. It’s even harder to believe that the Long Island trio has not seen a dime in royalties from it. The group breaks down how Tommy Boy ripped them off, and they’re going to see pennies on the dollar for the upcoming streaming releases of 3 Feet High and Rising, De La Soul Is Dead, and Buhloon Mindstate. Listen to the full story in this 46-minute interview with Sway.

On a brighter note, Maseo mentions that he, Pos, and Trugoy are dropping new music soon that’s being produced by Pete Rock and DJ Premier. 

We got other great things coming too. We’re about to do a real good record for the culture produced by Pete Rock and Premier. We’re also completing the trilogy of AOI 3. The fans have definitely been asking for that. We still enjoy making the music, putting it out, [and] performing it. It’s going down.

The bit about the upcoming projects starts at 32:45.

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