Fab 5 Freddy Tells His Eazy E Skateboarding Story on VladTV

It’s no secret that Eazy E was a skater. Mike Miller has told the story of the godfather of gangster rap having a 101 Natas board in the trunk of his car at Ruthless Records, which allowed him to shoot the iconic photo that you’ve likely seen on t-shirts during the past several years. But there’s another story involving Eazy skating in Venice Beach after shooting an episode of Yo MTV Raps in 1989 that’s the stuff that legends are made of. Fab 5 Freddy gives a firsthand account at the 6:32 mark of the latest installment of his VladTV interview.

When I did that first show with NWA—and we ended up at Venice Beach—Eazy E sees these kids skateboarding. And Easy goes and jumps on a skateboard. And he’s holding his own skating around in Venice Beach… You just wouldn’t think of the quintessential architect of a lot of the gangster rap energy being able to get on a skateboard and do his thing at that point in time. This was like ’89.

Check out one of the photos from the day Freddy is referring to below.

Image Via Ithaka Darin Pappas
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