Heads Up: You Can Now Get California Burritos on St. Mark’s

If you’ve ever spent any time in San Diego, then you know about California burritos with friends in them. Sound crazy, we know. But it’s actually an amazing delicacy that you’ll be hard-pressed to find in other parts of the country. That changed in New York this week with the introduction of Electric Burrito in the East Village. Alex Thaboua and Will Wyatt opened their taqueria on Monday with a menu inspired by Thaboua’s youth growing up in San Diego, as he explained to Gothamist in an article published yesterday:

“The burrito is such a quintessentially California thing,” said Thaboua. “I grew up surfing at Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, and skating all over Clairemont, and in every neighborhood, there are like a million taco shops. It was just always a part of our diet, our food culture. And when we got older and started drinking, it became our after-hours food. I can’t tell you how many times we’d get hammered and then go eat a bunch of burritos and wake up feeling fine.”

Located at 81 St. Mark’s, Electric provides a new alternative to Pop’s—which has become our weekend staple—and another stop when popping into Public Access to catch up with Leo.

Images Via Electric Burrito