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UPDATE: Watch Eli Reed’s Crash Flow Interview Series



Eli Reed recently unveiled his own YouTube channel, and has been dropping content regularly.  We’re partial to the Each One Teach One interview series. It features our favorite dancehall aficionado meeting up with an eclectic group of personalities from the N.Y. scene, and digging into their stories. The public access vibe makes the show highly watchable; and it strives to give advice to people that have been considering taking a bite out of the Big Apple. Check out the episodes below.

UPDATE 01.04.21: It’s been a minute, but Eli is back with a bang with a Joey Tershay interview from Jamaica to set it off for the new year. Peep it above.

UPDATE 10.26.20: It’s been a minute, but Eli is back with a new interview with Frankie Spears. Get better acquainted with one of the key figures of the new generation of the Sovereign Sect above.

UPDATE 08.20.20: Eli pays Zered Bassett a studio visit for his latest Each One Teach One interview. These guys go way back. Learn more about the progression of Dr. Z’s art above.

UPDATE 07.27.20: Leo Fitzpatrick is one of our favorite New Yorkers. Eli catches up with him for his latest Each One Teach One interview You definitely don’t want to skip this one.

Battletoads 2020 Gameplay Walkthrou...
Battletoads 2020 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

UPDATE 07.23.20: We’re really digging the interview series that Eli is developing with his channel. Check his latest with the legendary Ricky Powell above.

UPDATE 07.13.20: Eli keeps the content going with a new interview with Kunle Martins of IRAK fame. Check it out above.

UPDATE 07.08.20:  Watch the debut of the Each One Teach One series with RB Umali. We’ll continue to update as more of these are released.

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Monster Energy’s Aspire-Inspire Episode Features Mami Tezuka



Get to know more about Mami Tezuka in this episode of Aspire-Inspire by Monster Energy.

Surrounded by skaters growing up, Mami showed interest in skateboarding at around the age of three.

She started participating in competitions abroad in 2017. In 2021, she won silver in the X Games Women’s Skateboarding part. She landed third place in X Games Chiba 2022.

Fellow Monster Energy rider and friend Lizzie Armanto describes Mami as easy-going, fun to be around, and inspiring. “When I’m around her, I want to push myself better,”

Tezuka admits that she enjoys filming video parts more enjoyable than participating in contests.

“Competition is kind of stressful for me”, Mami said. But added that she does enjoy seeing everyone at contests.

“Filming part is more fun for me…it doesn’t to be hard, tricky trick, but you can see the style and progress of the skating”, explained Mami.

I want to inspire girl skaters and young people. Do what you love and then don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Mami tezuka

Aspire-Inspire is a mini-documentary series by Monster Energy. Previous episodes featured Aurelien Giraud, Kelvin Hoeffler, Rune Glifberg, Ayumu Hirano, Nyjah Huston, and Matt Berger.

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The Nine Club Features Elliot Sloan



Elliot Sloan narrated how he injured his neck while doing a 900 and his other worst slams on the ramp in this episode of The Nine Club podcast.

He also talked about getting into vert and then mega ramp, building his own vert and mini mega ramp in his own backyard, and hosting the X Games in his backyard among other things in the two-hour podcast.

Sloan is a four-time X Games Big Air gold medalist. In the recent X Games held in his backyard, he landed second place in the debut of the Mega Ramp category and first in the Skateboard Vert Best Trick.

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Santa Cruz Skateboards’ ‘True Grit’ features Tom Asta



In this latest “True Grit” video by Santa Cruz Skateboards, Tom Asta revealed that he never planned on becoming a pro but just enjoyed skating as a teen. He turned out to be one of the best pro skaters we know today.

He talked about growing up in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, and also showed his favorite skate spots in his hometown. Town mates Chris Cole and Ian Berry, and other pro skaters spoke about how they met Tom and how they have seen him develop into the skater that he is today.

The “True Grit” video series attempts to get an in-depth look into how skaters came to where they are now by visiting them in their hometowns and interviewing the people around them.

Watch more of Tom Asta in the Santa Cruz Skateboards’ welcome video below.

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