UPDATE: Eli Reed Launches Crash Flow Youtube Channel

We’re not sure if Crash Flow is Eli’s YouTube channel; but its inaugural upload features our favorite dancehall aficionado giving a lesson on how to fall properly. As you likely know already, this is the true key to longevity in skateboarding. If you know someone that’s just starting out, Eli breaks down the run-off and roll-out nicely. And if they’re curious about his backstory after watching, point them in the direction of Episode 06 of Mission Statement.

UPDATE 07.27.20: Leo Fitzpatrick is one of our favorite New Yorkers. Eli catches up with him for his latest Each One Teach One interview You definitely don’t want to skip this one.

UPDATE 07.23.20: We’re really digging the interview series that Eli is developing with his channel. Check his latest with the legendary Ricky Powell above.

UPDATE 07.13.20: Eli keeps the content going with a new interview with Kunle Martins of IRAK fame. Check it out above.

UPDATE 07.08.20: Now it’s apparent that Crash Flow is Eli’s channel; and he’s apparently going to be dropping content regularly. Have a look at his Each One Teach One segment with RB Umali on filming above. And here’s his video on Lavar McBride’s Trilogy part if you missed it. We’ll continue to update as more of these are released.