Alexis Sablone Talks Gender Inequality in Skateboarding

Thrasher released Elissa Steamer’s interview with Alexis Sablone from its latest issue online yesterday. The two female skateboarding pioneers discuss the differences between how men and women are treated in the industry, and the inequality that goes along with that in this important piece that everyone should take a moment to read. 

So let’s talk about gender inequality in the industry/the world.

It’s a big topic.

But it’s very important for us to talk about.

Yes. When I was younger I just didn’t want to acknowledge any of that. I didn’t want to think about myself as a female skater. I mean, I am, but first and foremost I’m a skater and I didn’t want to make that distinction because that’s not all I am. But as I’ve gotten older and gotten more perspective on it I just think it’s really important because there is a lot of inequality in the industry.


Yeah, it’s severe. And everyone likes to go on and on about how skateboarding’s for everybody but the industry hasn’t properly supported that idea.

It’s like, we’ll be inclusive but only to a certain extent. We won’t give full inclusivity.

When it comes to pay, it’s like you can have boards for days, but the first actual contract I had was only three years ago. Going back to the cover, I think I told myself that I didn’t deserve it or maybe I’m not good enough—but I’m gonna be. I tried to use it as motivation. But after awhile you see that the picture is so messed up. You look at where the money in the industry is going and who’s being represented and it’s like 99-percent men.

Head over to Thrasher to read the entire piece; and for more on Alexis’s story, revisit Episode 07 of Mission Statement.

Image Via Thrasher