How Elissa Steamer Reentered the World of Professional Skateboarding

Last year, Baker surprised everyone by announcing Elissa Steamer as its newest pro. Steamer’s history with Andrew Reynolds dates back to the early aughts Warner Ave days, making her a perfect fit for his brand. But she had dropped off the radar after seemingly retiring to pursue surfing in 2011. Nobody saw the comeback coming. In a new interview with Solo, Steamer breaks down how she reentered the world of professional skateboarding. The journey included rekindling her relationship with Nike SB, and a stint on flow from FA before getting a call from Reynolds.

In October 2017, I went skating with Frank [Gerwer]. I had a really good time skating, which I haven’t had in a long time back then. I skated three days in a row and realized that I was getting more and more comfortable on my board. The previous six years to that, I had skated, like, once a month, once every two months. Then I started skating a lot again and I was hanging with Chico [Brenes], and he was putting clips of me on Instagram. People were hitting me up and I fell in love with skateboarding again. I was like, “Damn, I’m gonna get my job back.” I was talking to Kaspar [van Lierop] and signed a Nike deal, and I was hitting up Van Engelen, who was flowing me FA and Hockey boards. And one day, completely out of the blue, Andrew [Reynolds] hit me up and was like, “Do you have any board sponsors?” I told him that Van Engelen is sending me boards and he said, “I’m gonna put you on Baker and give you a board.”

Now back in business, Steamer says she has her eyes set on a part in Baker 4.

Actually, I got a couple projects going on, but the main one is the Baker video. But I haven’t gotten a clip in, like, weeks and it’s kinda depressing.

Head over to the Solo site to read the entire piece.

Image Via Ed Templeton