Etnies Introduces Chris Joslin’s First Pro Model Shoe With a 10-Minute Documentary

Chris Joslin’s meteoric rise in skateboarding is the stuff that legends are made of. From his shocking introduction part in Plan B’s True [2014] to his 10-minute opus in Etnies’ Album earlier this year, Joslin’s body of work is already on par with skateboarding’s greats. A signature pro shoe was inevitable. Etnies introduced it today via the first installment of its “Unstoppable” series. It chronicles Joslin’s ascension through the ranks from unknown amateur to pro through key voices in the industry that witnessed it first hand including: Andrew Reynolds, Erik Bragg, Ty Evans, Atiba Jefferson, and more. Have a look at the video for yourself above. There are two more installments of the series that are yet to be released. We’re assuming the final is a new video part. Stay tuned!