Tightbooth and Killer Bong Take You to the Heart of Japan’s Underground in “TBKB”

The marriage between skateboarding and hip hop dates back 20 years to Zoo York’s Mixtape [1998]. Since then, the tradition has gone global. Its latest incarnation comes in the form of Japan’s Tightbooth and Killer-Bong’s “TBKB” collaboration.

Tightbooth is the crew behind Evisen Skateboards—the Japanese brand who’s nocturnal quick-footed antics have been making waves online for a couple of years now. Killer Bong, also from Japan, is a noise and hip hop artist who, according to Tiny Mixtapes, “Takes sounds from free jazz and turns them into hazy, lurching hip-hop loops, blows them into space on fragments of delay and reverb, and slowly builds them into something like DJ Shadow’s most Freudian nightmare of a 1940s noir mystery.”

“TBKB” takes you straight into the heart of the Japanese underground through its presentation of raw street skating blended with experimental beats and animations reminiscent of those used by Colin Read in Spirit Quest [2016].

Click play above to have a look at one of the more unique edits that we’ve seen this summer.