UPDATE: Converse and Illegal Civ Drop New Instagram Commercial

Despite being hard at work on Jonah Hill’s upcoming film, the Illegal Civ crew has still been putting in work in the streets as evidenced by this new video to promote its upcoming collaboration with Converse. The video features Aramis Hudson, Ryder McLaughlin, Zach Saraceno, and Kevin White doing what we’ve come to expect from them in Los Angeles. As always, Mikey Alfred provides a lighthearted and fun visual that captures the essence of what rolling with friends is all about. The shoe is due out in October. You can take a look at a sneak peek below. Clearly, there is no stopping this movement.

UPDATE 8.8.18: Converse and Illegal Civ just released the below commercial for their upcoming project that pokes fun at the media. We’re not mad at it! Have a look for yourself below.


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