UPDATE: Fallen Footwear Is Back With Some Familiar Faces

Apparently, Fallen footwear is back. Despite saying it would be the “worst-case scenario” in a 2016 interview with Jenkem, Jamie Thomas sold the brand to Town Connection, an investment group with headquarters in Buenos Aires, roughly a year ago. What seemed like it would be a small South American reboot has proved to be a global launch complete with ambassadors including: Tommy Sandoval, Billy Marks, Zach Doelling, and three yet-to-be-named riders. The brand’s introductory offering consists of a few of its classics in a variety of colorways, which suggests that its aim is to remain true to its roots. Time will tell on how this new iteration of Fallen will be received in 2019. Follow it on Instagram for updates on how things progress.

UPDATE 02.13.19: Shop Eat Surf published an interview with Fallen’s new Owner, Ronnie Mazzei of Town Connection, and Head of Marketing Chad Foreman that gives a bit more information on what we can expect from the reboot.

Fallen has a huge fan/customer base and is still recognized worldwide. We will stay focused on creating the right product that people want to buy, wear and skate, and also always keep our promises and support the team 100%.

With all of the marketing efforts being managed and handled by Two Two4 Media, Fallen has already been able to reach way more previous customers and shops/retailers than expected.

We currently have distributors reaching out to us from all over the world and they just want Fallen back. Some will be sourced by local distribution partners, while others we will set up as a licensee or partnership. – Ronnie Mazzei

We will pick up right where we left off, but with added experience on what not to do, and a more focused and calculated approach to every decision made.

As I’ve certainly learned over the years, paying attention to the smallest detail is just as important as paying attention to the biggest ones.

Our plan is to reintroduce familiar models for all of the people that want what they remember, while also staying focused on evolving into something much bigger that we weren’t able to achieve the first go-around.Chad Foreman

Read the full interview here.

ImageS Via Fallen