UPDATE: Forrest Edwards Now Has a Zero Pro Board

After getting dropped five years ago right before his debut pro model was supposed to be released, it appears that Forrest Edwards and Jamie Thomas have reconciled. Zero posted the above photo this evening with “FRIDAY” as the caption. It’s probably safe to assume that this is announcing a board, video part, or both. However it shakes out, we’ve got this penciled in for later this week, and will update when the full reveal comes to light. With Cole and Forrest back on within months of each other, the Chief has been full of surprises in 2020. Don’t forget that part he dropped at the start of the year, either.

UPDATE 12.11.20: Jamie Thomas revealed Forrest’s pro board last night. It’s available now via the Zero site.

UPDATE 12.11.20: No pro board announcement as of this update, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled as the day progresses. The welcome back part dropped via Thrasher, though. Peep it above.

Images Via Zero & Jamie Thomas
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