Get Acquainted With Frankie Spears in New VHS Mag Interview

Frankie Spears sprung into the limelight over the past year-and-a-half. He turned pro for Alien Workshop, was officially introduced by adidas, and had standout parts in Control Room Ep. 1 and Reverb. If you’ve seen his footage, but don’t know the backstory; you should definitely read Frankie’s new VHS Mag interview to get better acquainted. He talks about his early days coming up with Tyshawn Jones, getting sponsored, going from flow to pro, his new part, and much more in this insightful Q&A.

Skating with Tyshawn was motivating. I knew from the jump, before he was on Supreme or adidas or anything, I knew he was going to be one of the best skaters in the world. I just knew it. I just seen his potential. When I seen him back overcrook a huge handrail when he was probably not even 13 at that point, I was just like, “Alright, this is serious.” And the way he did it, it wasn’t just an ordinary backside overcrook, you know? Very proper.

Frankie is at the forefront of the new crop of East Coast skaters that are coming up right now. Look forward to much more from him in 2020 and beyond. 

Image Via Alien Workshop