It Looks Like Mark “Gator” Rogowski Will Likely Be Paroled

In news that we didn’t thing we would hear in our lifetime, the San Diego Board of Parole Hearings has ruled that Mark “Gator” Rogowski is fit for parole. Gator has been in jail for the past 27 years for a despicable crime that doesn’t need to be recounted again here. ABC News San Diego is reporting that the panel took into consideration his remorse for the crime, lack of criminal history, good behavior in custody, and rehabilitation programs completed while incarcerated. It also put significant weight on a new law passed in 2018 that gives added leniency to youthful offenders who commit crimes before the age of 26. The panel has an additional 120 days to finalize the decision before it goes before the governor for review. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on how this unfolds in the first quarter of 2020. Stay tuned.