Geoff Rowley Explains the Concept Behind His Board Company

Geoff Rowley’s FreeDome brand hit select skate shops back in February. Outside of introducing the inaugural board via YouTube and Instagram, he’s done very little in the promotional department for his latest project. That changed today when Rowley explained why he started the company, and what he’s bringing to the table that other brands aren’t during his new interview with The Nine Club.

I haven’t had a board out in a few years, which is weird for me. I’ve been a pro skater since I was a kid. Not weird in an uncomfortable way. Just a different chapter in my life. So I just started to put out some boards right now for fun. I’ve had a few years to really evaluate the skate industry… I’ve been able to objectively step out of business, and just look at the act. It’s given me good perspective. I’m doing boards now. But I’m not going to say that I have a massive business plan that I’m going to roll out.

The way that a skateboard company acts is important to me. What it promotes is important to me. That’s what I’m focussed on. We just put one board out. It’s a custom shape. It’s a concave that’s never been in production that I’ve ridden on and off for a while… We just called up a bunch of skate shops in the U.S. that I like… The ones that wanted to take them took them. We didn’t force anything… [We’re] just doing it slow, and enjoying that creative process.

We have the first full collection of gear coming out shortly, and we’re going to move at the pace that I want. The product is important to me too. I want to do good board shapes. I hate all of the jacked-up lame board shapes that don’t serve any purpose.

Watch the entire episode above. The bit about FreeDome starts at 2:27:51.

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