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Get to Know the Exposure 2023 Winners



Here are the winners of the major events in Exposure 2023, an annual skateboarding competition for women, trans, non-binary and other gender-diverse individuals.

Bowl Open-Pro

1st: Lilly Erickson
2nd: Jordyn Barratt
3rd: Bryce Wettstein

Vert Open-Pro 

1st: Kihana Ogawa
2nd: Bryce Wettstein
3rd: Juno Matsuoka

Street Open-Pro

1st: Paige Heyn
2nd: Kylie Frank
3rd: Ria Tanno

The first Exposure in 2012 was inspired by the Underexposed documentary, which was created by Exposure co-founder and Olympian Amelia Brodka.

The documentary highlighted the lack of opportunities for female skateboarders at the time, as women’s divisions had been removed from all major skate events. This made it difficult for the best female skateboarders in the world to secure supportive sponsors.

Therefore, it was crucial to create a new space within the sport for both professional female, trans and nonbinary skateboarders, as well as amateurs looking to be introduced to skateboarding.

Exposure started as an annual skateboarding competition that was inclusive to girls, women, trans and nonbinary people from all over the globe. The competition hosted events in park, street and vert disciplines.

As the event grew in popularity, skaters traveled from as far as Japan, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, and across Europe to compete in the annual competition. The initial field of 32 female competitors grew to 230 competitors by 2020.

The prize purse for the competition also saw substantial growth. By 2016, Exposure offered the largest prize purse in women’s skateboarding. Legends such as Tony Hawk, Andrew Reynolds, Steve Caballero, and Christian Hosoi regularly show their support on deck.

The event also raises awareness and donates proceeds to a local shelter for survivors of domestic violence.

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