Gilbert Crockett Breaks Down What Makes Him Tick in New Profile Video

Gilbert Crockett’s part in Quasi’s Mother is on par with anything that’s been released this year. For being at the top of the heap of professional skateboarders, Gilbert lives a life that’s far from traditional in terms of his career path. He chooses to remain in Richmond, VA, which is far removed from skateboarding’s key American cities including: Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Instead of adhering to the latest trends, Gilbert draws influence from the past. He’s gone so far as to open a vintage clothing and antique store called Cee Blues in Richmond. And instead of focusing in on one thing, it’s striking a balance between all of his passion that keeps Gilbert going. Find out more about what makes Gilbert Crockett tick in this new profile video from Thrasher. He’s an interesting guy to say the least.