Dwindle to Reissue Classic Gino Iannucci 101 Board

Dwindle’s Holiday ’21 catalog dropped a few weeks ago. So forgive us if this is old news to you. But we’re excited to see that a reissue of Gino Iannucci’s Bel Paese graphic is available for prebook. This is 101’s first Iannucci rerelease, and hopefully not its last.

The screen-printed graphic will be available on the original 7.5 shape for those of you that want to relive the glory days. It’s also dropping on a 8.375 if you’re in need of something more contemporary. The capsule is rounded out with shirts, grip, and stickers—all of which will inevitably become collectables in years to come.

No word on a release date as of yet, but during the run-up to this year’s holiday shopping season is likely.

Images Via Dwindle