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How To Clean RollerBlade Bearings? – Rollerblades Maintenance Tips



Bearings are the most delicate part of your rollerblades. So, you should take the most outstanding care of them and must know how to clean rollerblades bearings. The bearings make your movement swifter with high accuracy. Furthermore, the greater you take care of your bearings, the better your skating experience will be, and less frequently you will need to replace them.

As an avid inline skater, youll need to clean your inline skate bearings every month or two. There are many options available when it comes to buying the rollerblades and you don’t need to know a whole lot about what to do or what not to do. It is very simple and easy to clean your rollerblade bearings to provide maximum efficiency.

Before reading how to clean your rollerblade bearings, you will need to know there are two types of casing, one sealed and the other one shielded. It is impossible to clean sealed as it is used in low-class skates while it is easy to clean shielded bearings. First, you need to know the tools that will help you in cleaning your skates or skateboard’s bearings.

How to Clean Rollerblade Bearings

To Clean Your Bearings, Youll Need:

  • Hard Surface: A surface on which you will work on. It should be hard and rigid.
  • Prying Tool: A wide flat-head screwdriver-like end that extends as a wedge, mostly used to separate pressure-fit components without damaging them during separation. It will be used to remove bearing shields.
  • Inline Wheel Tool: It contains everything that you need to service your skates. It will be used to quickly remove bearings from skates without damaging them.
  • Bearing Cleaner: A lubricant oil that helps you clean your Rollerblade bearings. Dedicated lubricants or cleaner easily removes any unwanted material from bearings.
  • Drying tool: A tool or cloth that will help you dry the rinsed bearings.

Steps to Clean Rollerblade Bearings

  1. Preparation: Gather the above-mentioned tool and use a hard surface for easy and simple cleaning.
  2. Disassemble: Disassemble the shielded bearings by removing them from the wheels. Remove the casing holding the bearings in position. Use a small screw to push out the rubber seal gently, and bearings will fall out easily.
  3. Cleaning: Use only dedicated cleaner for improvising cleaning techniques, dont use other lubricants as they can rust.
  4. Reassemble: After cleaning, reassemble the parts, and dont forget to apply lubricants to parts before reassembling as they help the parts remain safe and rust-free.

Now, we will, step by step, show you how to clean your Rollerblade skates bearing efficiently.

Disassembling Rollerblade Bearings

First, remove your skates from the axis using an inline wheel tool. It doesnt matter if you want to remove bearing through a push or bearing a pull end. The inline wheel tool is perfect for both types of the axis.

For bearings push, insert push side into bearing and apply pressure. You should hear a pop or snapping sounds if bearings are released from the wheel.

For pull or short, floating bearings, use the pull end by hooking it into bearing and gently pulling its bearings out of the wheel.

Once these bearings are out, next is to remove the shield of the bearing. For starters, you should know there are two types of bearing shields: a rubber shield or a metallic shield with a c-ring.

To remove a rubber shield used on most high-end bearings, use a prying tool. Pry it from the bearing with a prying tool that can be a brad, thumbtack, or a paper clip.

C-ring is an aluminum piece that sits beneath the inside lip of the bearing and holds the shield down. To remove this type of bearing, with your prying tool, gently lift only the C-ring from the bearing, then tap the bearing edge on a hard surface, and the shield should fall out.

Now, you have successfully disassembled rollerblade bearings, and now you have to clean them.

Cleaning Rollerblade Bearings

Once the bearings are disassembled, you can clean them. Place your bearings in a container that can be a small glass jar or lidded container made for cleaning purposes.

First, immerse your bearing in the cleaning solution. It is highly recommended to use a dedicated cleaner specifically made for cleaning bearings instead of other lubricants as they can leave rust on the bearings.

Why should one use a dedicated cleaner instead of other lubricants? Well, it is pretty simple. Another solution may dry your bearings which will result in rusting and making them less efficient. While dedicated cleaners are formulated to keep this in mind, they wont harm the bearings in any practical way. You can buy cleaners for bearing or just opt to pack that is a combination of washer and water.

After that, shake the container until you are sure that the agent has completed dispersed into bearings and let them sink in for the recommended time or 20-30 minutes. Or give the solution enough time to completely absorb dust and remaining grime in the bearings.

After 30 minutes, remove the bearings from the case and put them in a dry cloth. You can speed up this process by drying each of the bearings by hand, but this is risky as you have to be very careful of leaving a lint of dirt or other material while drying. Air compressor and blowing both works very efficiently and quickly. Repeat this process one to two-time with less time while immersing them in a cleaning agent for doubt-free cleaning.

Reassembling Rollerblade Bearings

Once the bearings are all dried, use dedicated oil for re-lubricating. Again dont use other all-purpose lubricants as they can make bearings rusty.

Add two to three drops of lubricating agent and spin the bearings between your fingers to thoroughly lubricate them. Then, replace the shield, and you can put them back into the wheel.

Put one bearing into one side of the wheel and insert spacer on the other end. Place the second bearing on top of the spacer and squeeze the assembly together.

You have completed cleaning your Rollerblade Bearings. Here are why and how you should know when to clean your Rollerblade bearings.

Why and When Should You Clean Rollerblade Bearings

When regular use under normal conditions, you should clean your bearings once in the month. It is essential that you clean them as when using skateboards spinning wheel makes your movement. That spinning wheel contains bearings that may jam or even rust, making your movement slow or laggy if not cared for. If not cared, you may need to replace them, which is costly depending upon the skateboards you are using. Also have a look at the best skateboard bearings in the market.

To maximize the performance of your skateboards, you should clean them once a month. If your skateboard is moving slower than usual or making sounds while spinning, this means their bearings need to be taken care of or requires cleaning.

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How to Make Inline Skates More Comfortable – Useful Tips



Roaming over inline skates is more than just fun! Skating builds up muscle strength, improves stability and balance, boosts cardiac health, assists weight management, improves joint movement and strength, defeats diabetes and blood pressure diseases, and much more. Besides, it also facilitates psychological health by improving mood and reducing anxiety. But it might be a bit hurting for newbies and most of them wonder How to Make Inline Skates More Comfortable. Don’t worry! We got you covered. So, are you ready for such positive changes in your body?

Undoubtedly, inline skating is a great recreational activity that keeps you healthy, entertained, and happy, but this can only be possible if you’re wearing your skating shoes correctly. Don’t bear the “How to make inline skates more comfortable?” question in your mind anymore. In this article, I’ll address significant root causes behind your discomfort and share the ways that help you resolve these issues, based on my experiences and testing.

How to Make Inline Skates More Comfortable

Make sure to never discourage yourself from pursuing anything. We all experience unbalanced and unstable rides and might have fallen initially, but that doesn’t mean the end to it. Remember, you have to learn from your own mistakes. Thus, it is essential to address the reasons behind this restless situation:

Reasons Backing Restless Condition

The primary reason behind discomfort during skating is within the shoes; most probably, your foot doesn’t fit tightly in your skating sneakers. The best idea to check the molding is by considering the gap or space between the foot and shoe. Thus, make sure to consider the correct shoe size!

Secondly, you might feel foot distress because the inline sneaker is not a good fit for your foot shape. Foot morphology is a second critical element, besides size, as we all have different foot profiles, such as wide foot, square foot, Egyptian foot, roman foot, Greek foot, etc. Thus, I recommend you not to buy skating shoes online if you’re a beginner. Please visit the physical market by yourself and make sure that your foot is ultimately and comfortably fits in the sneakers you’re buying.

Over that, restless inline skating can lead to foot pain. If you feel excruciating while skating, don’t consider that this activity is not meant for you, but address the causes and solution. In this sequence, I have listed some significant causes of foot pain below; then, we will discuss how you can avoid this dilemma.

Grounds of Foot Pain

The primary cause of foot pain is a lace bite, which develops pressure on the foot. What happened when you laced shoes tightly? If you lace your skating shoes tight, the skate’s tongue (fabric/part which moves behind laces at the top-middle of the foot) scratches the tendons and causes swelling, inflammation, and pain.

Next, wearing small and big skates causes chafing, blisters, redness, and tenderness, which lead to uncomfortable and restless inline skating. In simple words, the skates which are too large provide room for shoe or foot displacement. On the other hand, skating boots which are too small than usual rub on your skin, cause injury, redness, swelling, and pain.

Plantar fascistic is a joint foot inflammation that might become a ground to foot pain or injury. It is triggered by inflammation and tenderness in a thick tissue band that moves towards the toes area. Acute or stabbing pain in the heel region during skating is a sign of plantar fascistic. In such a case, you must seek a podiatrist for diagnosis and treatment.

Ways to Adopt for Comfortable Inline Skating

1. Lace-Up like A Pro!

A perfectly tied lace is the best mode to enjoy inline skating in a relaxed way. If you are feeling skates too stiff, then follow these primary steps to add flexibility: Wear your boot and lace it up, and skip the two holes from the top and tie laces loosely. Now, perform skating for up to six hours straight. Then, cut only one top hole and lace-up shoes gently for your second session. In the third phase, lace up the boots to the top and start skating. You’ll not feel any negative impact on your foot or ankle.

2. Leather Conditioner: Yes or No?

A leather conditioner is usually used to lubricate the leather fibers by restoring the ultimate flexibility and softness. People typically think that leather conditioners are an expensive extra thing that is of no use, but that’s no more than a myth! There are leather conditioners available at the cost of $20 only in the market. Isn’t it cheap? Plus, these conditioners or smoothing agents are beneficial.

If your boots feel stiff while skating, I recommend you apply a leather conditioner, which will soften your sneakers. It is pretty simple to use it; you have to remove the laces first and then scrub the conditioner over tightened parts using a pliant cloth piece. Please try to follow this process twice or thrice to get the desired results. Also, curve the skates from the edges to make them less stiff and soft.

3. Skates – A Habit

Believe me or not, but this trick works! You have to wear your skates as frequently as possible to get comfortable. In this way, your foot will adapt to the shoe’s milieu and become used to it. When I was a beginner, skating shoes felt stiff in my foot, but I started taking small sessions and gradually increased the duration. And guess what? With time, I began feeling skates as comfortable as crocs!


Why do inline skates hurt my heel?

There must be several reasons behind that, but the typical situation is plantar fascistic. It refers to the inflammation in foot tissues located in the heel region. So if you feel pain in the heel area, immediately visit a podiatrist for diagnosis and treatment.

How long does it take to break in inline skates?

It depends on your startup duration. Some people begin skating activities with short sessions towards longer adventures. In general, it would take twelve hours or less to break in inline skates in one month.

How tight should my inline skates be?

Your skates should not be too tight or too loose, which means you have to find the correct fit! The right fit refers to the condition which allows you to waggle your toenails without any pressure. And, when you stand wearing a skate, the toes shouldn’t touch the front end of the boots.

Let’s Conclude

Inline skating is a fun and energetic recreational activity only if you’re wearing your skates correctly. If you feel uncomfortable, irritated, or painful while skating, then don’t back down! In this article, I have beforehand expounded the practical ways to make inline skidding affluent. I hope that you will continue your passion like never before!

Endure inline-skating!

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Where to Buy Rollerblades? – Skateboards Life



Rollerblades have become immensely popular with increasing TikTok and social media trends. Hence, people have gone crazy over these blades and have been stocking up their exercise equipment in the present times. The nostalgia has come back with a bang, and now, everyone is looking for something that can bring them back the craze for rollerblades. Have a look at the history of Rollerblades.

If you are a hobbyist and looking for something durable, functional, and equally aesthetically pleasing, it can be a bit difficult to choose. If you are wondering where to buy rollerblades, to save your day, I have brought together some of the retail and online stores. So, dive right in for more.

Where to Buy Rollerblades


I am starting my list of places of where to buy rollerblades from with this Impala brand that has been here as an impressive competition for the most. It is best known for its fierce, bright, and vibrant, not to mention the most functional and durable rollerblades variety at varying price ranges. This brand is popular for its girly accessories that are an effort to revive the era of the 80s and 90s.

They have come up with other equipment such as skateboards, gears, inline skates, speed skates, and much more. Another thing that makes it stand at the top is its distinct style and designs for different skill sets with reasonable prices. All in all, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that in the rollerblading and skating world, Impala is nothing short of a lifestyle.

Bruised Boutique

If you are an experienced user and want a brand that has everything for different techniques and skills, Bruised Boutique is an impressive platform to look into. Here, from boardwalk skating to speed skating and even derby rolling, this store has everything to facilitate you. Although it can be a bit expensive, the quality is uncompromising, and you can also find pretty much all the replacements you need for a rollerblade.


After Amazon, Target is the place where you can find anything from daily home essentials to sports equipment, and so on. The store has an endless collection of affordable rollerblades with absolute performance, durability, and aesthetic value. If you are someone who cannot tolerate heavily priced sports equipment as a beginner, this is the place you should visit. Another good news for you is that you can find a number of accessories and replacements that can help you along the way.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

It is a huge empire known for its high-end and trendy sports equipment. It is a family-grown business that operates online as well as in stores. You can find everything related to sports from hockey to footballs, and most prominently, rollerblades. If you are looking for something fun and performance-oriented athletic equipment for different skill sets, this is the place you should go for.

Urban Outfitters

If you are a sports person, there is no chance you don’t know about Urban Outfitters. One of the most popular and leading shops for sports and athletic equipment is this store, famous for its trendy sweatshirts and other stylish pieces. Through their evolution, they have come up with a number of additions, one of them being rollerblades. Now, you can choose the most durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing rollerblades from the brand without worrying about their life and performance.

Roller Skate Nation

If you are more of an online person yet want quality and functional equipment, Roller Skate Nation is a place you should visit. This is quite popular across the market for its performance-oriented designs that allow you to buy the one that doesn’t only serve you well but matches your individual style. The brand also has a number of accessories that help you in replacing the parts that otherwise are difficult to find. All being said, the fact that all the lines are quite reasonably priced makes this my favorite.


In addition, SkatePro is your go-to website from where you can get everything from basic to high-end and much more. This is one of the leading and mainstream names when it comes to rollerblades, designed specifically for beginners and newcomers. Here, most of the lines are quite affordable and come in trendy and cute colors. Apart from this, you can also find surfing and skateboarding equipment for distinct price ranges and styles. All in all, it is quite easy to find your match in the SkatePro collection.


Most probably, there is no one who is not aware of Walmart as it has been there for the most part since the 80s. Many people think that it is the place for getting home essentials; however, it is much more than this and helps you get fun and trendy items such as rollerblades. Here, you can find blades for different age groups, skill sets, and types of techniques. Another good thing about this site is that you can find associated accessories such as gears, wheels, and replacements for a reasonable price.

Angel’s Skates

Likewise, Angel’s Skates is a small family-owned business that has immensely grown over the years. It is popular across the market for its typical and classic rollerblades that are highly functional in terms of speed, durability, and precision. Another good news for you is that you can even customize your rollerblades with this store. Most of their skates are designed to be used indoors and outdoors. They launched their official site in 2020, and the process of evolution for them has been remarkable.


Macy has a lot for you in stores when it comes to rollerblades in different colors, skill sets, and types of tricks. Macy is famous across the market for its aesthetically valuable pieces, not to mention equally functional. From vintage to Doc Martens and more contemporary, you can find any fashion-related rollerblades from the past or even the present. You can also look for Derby skaters and Rocers inliners that are pretty hard to find otherwise.


If you are looking for something comfortable and functional for different styles, going for Bent is a suggestion I would undoubtedly give you. This platform is best known for its different ranges designed for distinct arts such as parts skating, speed skating, or even derby rolling. Bont has become the largest exporter of ice skaters, rollerblades, and speed skaters.

It came off in 1975 as a great competition by Inze Bont, who was originally a skater and wanted to transfer his passion into related fields. He has put his thoughts and experience into designing the most comfortable, supportive, functional, and durable rollerblades and skaters for beginners as well as professionals. The most famous of his lines are Kevlar, fiberglass, and Carbon Fiber (all with custom speed settings).

Roller Derby

Here comes another online website from where you can buy your free-spirited and digital rollerskates. Roller Derby is basically a leading brand when it comes to sports equipment and has been famous for its high-end and aesthetically pleasing designs. From ice hockey to skating and even tour hockey, you can find anything on this platform.

Similarly, you can buy rollerblades for each age group and skill set. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, there is absolutely something functional for you to invest in. Another thing that makes it great for buying sports equipment is their affordable range that is designed for people who are new to the art or want something as a hobby. Also have a look at how to clean rollerblade bearings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the bushings on my skateboards?

Over time, bushings of your board wear out with constantly rigged processes, impact absorption, and drying. If you see tear in the bushings and you still consider them working, you don’t have to worry about it. For this, using lubricants and sprays is the most commonly practiced technique. However, if your bushing is beyond damage, it is recommended that you go for replacement.

When should I replace my skate bushings?

On average, the bushings largely last between 90,000 and 100,000 miles. Quality bushings get worn out over time because of impact absorption and constant practice sessions. Hence, it is ideal that you get a replacement after your bushings are not working. Yet, if you notice some damage, you can easily lubricate them with ease.


What is the best place to buy rollerblades from?

There are many options across the market, some of which are discussed in the above-mentioned list. As a hobbyist, going for something affordable and trendy might be a wise decision for you. For this, I would recommend you go to Walmart, SkatePro, or Target. Apart from this, if you are an experienced user, it is ideal that you do your research and invest in a quality product.

Final Thoughts

In the end, with increasing popularity on social media and TikTok, the nostalgia of rollerblades has come back once again. If you are a hobbyist or even a professional and looking for something durable, functional, and equally aesthetically pleasing, it can be a bit difficult, having so many options. Finally, we hope that this list of where to buy rollerblades will help you through the process.

Indeed, all of those platforms mentioned above are good to buy the rollerblades from but we recommend reading the reviews of top notch rollerblades for men, women and kids here on Skateboards Life and then you can buy the pair of rollerblades that suits you best.

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