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9 Benefits of Rollerblading That Will Surprise You – Skateboards Life



Many people nowadays are interested in rollerblading and want to start this amazing sport but before starting they want to know the benefits of rollerblading and also the expected harms. Rollerblading became popular as a sport during the 1990s and now lately it has become popular as a source of commuting.

Roller-skaters use a boot with four or five wheels attached under its surface to skate through the streets. Its an affordable sport for every age group to enjoy. Rollerblading makes your whole body muscles work at the same time. Rollerblading also gained light due to its immense health benefits. We have listed down some main benefits of this really fun sport which will definitely motivate you to start practicing right off.

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Rollerblading

Like every other outdoor activity, Rollerblading has its own health benefits as well. People enjoy rollerblading on streets and in parks. Let’s check the benefits for rollerblading that can help use improve our mental and physical health.

1. Weight loss

Obesity is becoming the leading health issue of the modern world. A sedentary lifestyle, lots of machines to help with daily chores, and online working from home while have its own bunch of uses yet is affecting the weight scale badly. Mechanical effort in daily life is very negligible. Due to all the above factors, the health state of the population has started to deteriorate. Obesity is a beast that will affect every function of your body badly.

People often ask “is rollerblading good cardio?” and the answer is YES. Rollerblading is a very harsh cardio vascular sport exercise which helps burn allot of calories. A recent research by Mayo Clinic showed that a 160 pound can burn around 913 calories within just one hour of rollerblading.

Do you have an interest in fitness and want to maintain a healthy weight? Buy your rollerblades now and get ready to include this sport in your life. Burn the calories you have ingested using rollerblading. A 155 lb person burns about 620 calories in one hour. The calorie deficit created by burning calories will help you lose weight. Rollerblading alone will not decrease weight if you keep on binge eating with it. To be fit and smart it is important to practice moderation in all spheres of life.

2. Helps with Muscle Building

Rollerblading builds up not only leg muscles, in fact, but it also works for whole body muscles. Whole-body muscles are toned up and strengthened. Strong muscles make a person strong, enhance all the muscular organs’ contractility, and improve overall body balance. Leg muscles are most toned up by skating and this helps lower blood pressure. Blood travels from heart to feet and then is pushed back by contracting leg muscles. When the muscles have weaker contractility, blood pools up inside the veins causing cardiovascular issues. If your body is showing you signs of muscle weakness then better start roller skating soon to avoid the excess of medications.

3. Build a Social Circle

Just like all other famous sports cycling, skating, running, roller skating builds a community of people who skate together. Have a trip around your neighborhood on your rollers and you will end up meeting someone who is as much interested as you. Daily enjoying some time out in a roller-skating park will make you meet much need of people. For people in search of friends or who are shy and want to kill that social anxiety, this will help tremendously. Sports help you become more social, have friends, and are more fun when done with friends.

4. Reduces Mental Fatigue

Exercises have proven to have a very positive effect on the mental health of a being so does roller skating. Skating outdoor gets you the fresh air you need to fuel yourself. Unlike most famous e-sports skating will make you get up get ready and go out in nature. Often the positive impact of nature on health is neglected but during the recent time in consideration of rising anxiety and depression, it has been proven by research that seeing mother nature daily even for few minutes helps to remain healthy. Exercising causes the brain to release a chemical called serotonin which gives the feeling of happiness and helps you relax. These stress-relieving chemicals will help you enjoy better sleep, enhance your creativity, and give your health a boost.

5. Low Impact Exercise

The most common problem with exercising is the high impact on joints especially in the elderly and those who are already suffering some joint problem. High impact exercises involve jumping and when both feet hit the ground at the same time after a jump, this will put pressure on bones and joints. Rollerblading is a smooth exercise in which the feet dont slam the ground. If you are afraid of exercising due to the impact it might cause on your bones give roller skating a try. Experiencing the benefits it will offer you, you will surely continue it for a long.

6. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Ischemic heart attack or angina has become the most common cause of death even in the young population. This immense increase in frequency and severity of the disease is severely alarming. Advancement and the modern way of life have enhanced the gravity of the issue and its a need to take some necessary steps to avoid the discomfort. Due to these all reasons all health specialists promote skating for all age groups. Rolling is an aerobic exercise that increases heart rate to 140 to 160 beats per minute which means the heart is contracting at a faster rate than usual and so are the arteries to distribute the blood to the rest of the body.

7. Improves Balance and Coordination

The ability to hold your body position depends on how good your balance is. Balancing and coordinating involves several body systems at once. Balancing develops the core body muscles and lessens the chances of getting injured or falling and improves life span. Forcing muscles to coordinate and work together will improve body control. As arms are in full swing while rolling, legs are balanced on the ground and coordinated movement moves you further on the ground. If you felt difficulty balancing with other sports, opt for rolling. This exercise involves a lot of balance and coordination so it will improve your body response time and strength.

8. Helps Get Daily Vitamin D

Vitamin d which is also called sunshine vitamin is the most important vitamin for bone health. The body synthesizes this vitamin when exposed to sunlight. In the everyday busy life, you might not get enough time to go out and sit in sun. Rollerblading is great for this because you can have a quick trip around your neighborhood and cover the distance and get some light in a short duration of time.

9. Fighting Diabetes

Mostly diabetes was viewed as a genetic disorder running in families but excessive obesity has caused it to become a common disease. The lipid builds up inside the body disturbs metabolic functioning. The body stops responding to insulin and so sugar levels rise. The situation is dreadful as it affects mostly the younger population progressing to heart issues. Aerobic exercises are advised by the doctor for 5 days weeks and half an hour daily. Incorporating rollerblading into the daily routine is important for results with weight reduction.


Does rollerblading hurt the knee joints?

No, its a low impact exercise that involves balancing and coordination. For old people or those suffering from chronic joint pain, hurting joints is the biggest fear. Many popular exercises involve jumping or some other movement that puts pressure on the joints. Rollerblading is the best alternative that has the least impact on joints and involves cardio. Use knee pads while skating to protect yourself from the danger of falling. Although rollerblading is easy to learn for beginners yet sometimes you may unbalance and fell upon the ground.

What are the benefits of rollerblading for obese people?

Yes, many types of research have highlighted the benefits of rollerblading for helping reduce weight. Exercise alone can never cut down body weight, food intake is also an important factor. If both are balanced beneficial effects can be seen. Rollerblading burns calories, the, more intensely and with persistence you roll through your neighborhood or in a roller-skating park more pounds will be shed and you will get a lean body shape. Aiming for reducing weight is necessary if you want to avoid suffering from deteriorating health conditions.


Like all other sports, inline skating also has many benefits for our body as we mentioned above. We hope these healthy benefits of rollerblading will inspire you to start roller skating and will make this activity enjoyable for you. While rollerblading you can enjoy doing tricks as well but make sure to wear Knee and Elbow Pads for your safety.

9 Health Benefits of Inline Skating

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Produced by Tilikum Média in partnership with QC Skateboard Camp, the Mini Ramp Master Class is a 9-episode series in which nine passionate skateboarders from Quebec City teach you their pocket tricks.

The Master Class lessons include the Backside Noseblunt, Blunt Frontside Switch, Fakie Frontside Feeble Fakie, Backside Hurricane, Feeble Revert 270 Out, Nollie Backside 360, 360 Flip, Fakie Varial Flip to Rock and  Fakie Pop Shove-it 5-0 Fakie.

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How to Clean Skateboard Wheels – Simple & Easy Tips For Skaters



Are you in search of techniques to help you clear the dirt from your amazing skateboard wheels? Has your skateboard speed reduced due to excessive use? This article will list the easy methods that will teach you How to Clean Skateboard Wheels easily by yourself. Skateboarding is a very popular and fun sport. To avoid the hassle of traffic, Skateboarders often use skateboards for commuting. Skateboarding can help with daily travel and save money and time.

People using skateboards for travel will accumulate dirt, hairs, thread, mud, and other obstacles in them. Dirt built up inside wheels slows the speed. Dirt removal increases the life of skateboards and saves money. Bearing balls also accumulate dirt easily as they have space between them. This dirt sticks and makes rolling hard. It will take much effort to propel the skate as wheels are hard and the ride with be bumpy.

Cleaning dirty skateboard wheels is a very easy process. Even beginners can easily learn to clean their skateboard wheels at home. The process is very simple and quick so anyone can learn it quickly. If you feel your skateboard speed is reduced or you are using your board excessively then its a clear signal that you need to clean the wheels of your skateboard.

To begin cleaning wheels firstly get all the required stuff ready. Keeping all the required stuff around will save a lot of hustle and make cleaning quick and easy.

List of things needed for cleaning skateboard wheels

  • A wrench or skate tool
  • Cleaning solution
  • Citrus spray cleaner
  • Toothbrush
  • lubricant oil
  • Pin
  • Cloth or tissue paper

Place all the necessary stuff near your skateboard and wear gloves if you feel necessary. Wheels and bearings have to be dipped in a solution so that dirt becomes soft. This step can cause skin sensitivity in some individuals or might cause dryness so those people can wear gloves for precaution. Follow the steps listed next orderly to have exceptionally clean wheels at the end.


Position skateboard and remove wheels

Position the skateboard upside down. The deck riding surface will be facing down and the wheel will be up. Use a skate tool and remove the axle nut from the wheels. Remove all skateboard wheels using the same technique. Next, remove a washer. Place all-wheel parts in one place so that they are not lost and you can find them later easily. Nuts and washers are small and can be easily misplaced so it is better to keep a container near and place them in it.

Placing nuts and washers organized in a container will make it easy for you while reassembling. Some skateboards might not come with a skateboard tool so use a wrench instead. Select wrench size according to the wheel nut size. Remove nuts of all four wheels and next simply slide the wheels off from the truck axle.


Removing bearing from wheels

This step will require some hard work. Some skate tools have a protruding end for extracting the bearing. The bearing press is a device used from removing or replacing the bearings at a shop. This can help a skater easily remove the bearing. Another technique to remove the bearing is to pry the wheel and bearing about a half-inch onto the axle. Next twist the angle of your wrist so that the bearing will come out. Bearings have to be separated from the wheel before cleaning as water exposure is harmful to the bearing. The bearing will rust and erode if exposed to water. Rusted bearings need to be replaced as they hinder the efficiency of the skateboard.

This step can be hard depending on the type of wheel. Screwdrivers can be used to extract bearings. Put a screwdriver in the middle of the wheel then put some pressure and pull the bearing out. Each wheel contains two bearings. An outer and an inner bearing with the spacer in between. Wheel bearings contain balls that roll inside the bearing.


Washing the wheel

Skateboard Wheels have spaces that can accumulate anything from the surface you ride on. When wheels have accumulated dirt and sand and other things theyll slow down. Friction will be increased. Skater will have poor stability and balancing will be hard. Dirty wheels will stop skaters from long commuting at fast speed even tricks cannot be performed with dirty wheels. People using skateboards often should clean their skateboard wheels once a month or whenever they feel a need. Cleaning will give wheels a good long life and save you from buying a new pair of wheels.

After long use of skateboard, the wheels will have strongly attached dry dirt which will take time to remove. Prepare a soapy cleaning solution in a container. It takes time for the solution to dissolve the dirt so wheels should be left to stay in there for a while. Soak the wheels in that solution for half an hour. The dirt will have to soften after this time and then will be easily washed. Wash the wheels with enough water so all the mud and dirt are drained. The cleaning solution contains any detergent or soap used for cleaning dishes or other surfaces dissolved in warm water. This solution will act to dissolve the dirt which has become hard. When the dirt is softened by cleaning solution it will be easily drained by water.


Scrubbing the wheels

Water will help remove all mud from wheels but to remove deep dirt, hair, threads, and other sticky stuff and for a thorough cleaning scrubbing should be done. Any brush can be used for scrubbing the wheels. Scrubbing will remove all remaining grime. Some brushes are designed to especially scrub wheels but if you dont have one then an old toothbrush or piece of cloth can do the same job. Due to the warm water solution, the entire dirt is soft now so brushing will be easy to remove whatever is left. While scrubbing pay attention to all the tiny spaces in the wheel as well where dirt may remain accumulated. Tiny spaces accumulate most dirt. With great attention scrub off all 4 wheels of the skateboard. Thorough scrubbing totally cleans the wheel surface, this will make the wheel surface look like new.

Step 5:

Drying the wheels

This step is very important and should be done very carefully. After scrubbing the skateboard wheels should be washed with a generous amount of water. When wheels are properly clean dry them using tissue papers or a piece of cloth. Dry the inner and outer surface of the wheel completely. When drying take away the wheels from the washing area or any other source of water. Place wheels in a completely dry environment rub the surface fully and try to remove maximum moisture. Let the wheels stay outside in the air for some time or it is better to keep wheels in some sunlight so that they are fully dry.

Never hurry to place the wheels back after cleaning. The moistened wheels will be heavy and so give a bad skateboard ride experience. Moisture affects other skateboard parts lethally especially wheel bearings and skateboard decks. The bearings will rust. The deck is also affected by moisture and may break due to repeated wetting. Similarly, if wheels are not dried properly the wet wheels will attract again. When wheels have properly dried assemble them to replace them in the skateboard.

Step 6:

Cleaning bearings

Bearings and wheels need to be separately washed because bearings are extremely water sensitive. Theyll easily rust when exposed to water. Bearings become useless after water exposure so while washing wheels keep bearings away at a dry place in some container. Cleaning bearings takes effort as each contains eight small bearing balls which can be misplaced easily. Remove the bearing shield using a pin and then use spray citrus cleaner to remove dirt. Lemon juice can be used also. Bearings can be soaked in alcohol or any other solvent and then after 2 minutes rinse with a solvent.

Dry the bearings in the air or with an air dryer. Wheel bearings need to be lubricated so that wheels will move more smoothly and efficiently. Any oil or grease available can be used. During lubrication it is a must to avoid over lubricating as over lubrication will increase friction and thus the temperature of the wheel bearing. With over greasing, pushing bearing elements while rolling becomes hard and takes more effort.


Bearings after cleaning should be dried quickly because they will rust if moist. It is best to rub off the wet surface and use a drying device for bearings. Drying in the air requires time which might affect the bearing. To know more about the bearings check out the list of Best Bearings available on the market.

Step 7:


Now all skateboard wheels and parts are clean and ready to be replaced. All the parts should be properly dried before placing back because moisture causes erosion and permanent damage. Firstly arrange the wheel bearings. The bearing shield should be put back on the surface of the bearing. The shield helps with keeping the lubricant inside and keep bearing balls rolling smoothly. Placing bearing back into wheel can be difficult for some so shopkeeper use bearing presser which will easily align the bearing in the wheel. To fit bearing into wheel first place one bearing on the truck axle and pry it off. Assembling the wheel is easy as one just needs to reverse the steps done earlier.

Push the wheel on the wheel axle and the bearing will fit in. After one bearing is placed, put a spacer then put the other bearing and push it similarly on the axle so it fits in. Use the same process for all four wheels. The bearings should be properly aligned and tightly fitted. After wheels and bearings are properly placed put the washer and axle nuts and screw the wheel nuts tightly.

To Sum Up

Anyone whether a pro skater or beginner can use these simple steps to clean the skateboard wheels. A Simple and easy method that gives better speed and stability. Give your wheels a good wash after a ride on a rough road or at the weekend after daily commuting for work or studies. Whether using a skateboard for transport or entertainment it doesnt matter, everyone should wash the board because it will not take much time although improve the performance extensively. Shops offer the same service but for a higher cost than cleaning at home.

As with all other devices used daily, skateboards also need maintenance. Skateboards are simple in design and can be easily managed at home after knowing some basic techniques. The steps to Dirty wheels not only affect the speed but the shape and appearance of wheels are affected very much. The wheels arent able to run smoothly over surfaces but instead, the skater will feel jerks. Wheels move smoothly and faster after cleaning and lubrication. Skaters requiring good speed and stability should clean their board often. Without proper maintenance the life span of the board will reduce, performing tricks will become difficult and the need to buy a new skateboard will cost a lot more money.


How often should skateboard wheels be washed?

It mainly depends on individual conditions of use. If a skater is using a skateboard for daily commuting then frequent washing is necessary. Also if learning tricks at some dirty or muddy place then wash off immediately so dirt isnt accumulated or wheels will get damaged. For frequent users wash the skateboard once a month at least. People using skateboard occasionally or for only fun should wash off grime once in 3 to 4 months. Dirt if accumulated becomes hard and increases friction so it’s best to wash often.

Why cant wheel bearings be washed with wheels in the water?

Water bearings need to be separated from the wheel as they are water sensitive. Exposure to water even for a short duration will rust the bearings and theyll become useless. Bearings should only be washed with alcohol, solvent, or citrus spray. After rinsing the bearing should be dried promptly as any delay will cause it to rust and affect its smoothness. After drying and rinsing, bearings need to be lubricated as well so that friction is reduced and bearing balls roll smoothly.

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A skateboarder may need to replace their decks in a few months to a year, depending on how hard they grind and how often they ride. Probably millions of skateboards are discarded each year and most of them end up in landfills.

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