Huck Profiles Legendary Hip Hop Photographer Chi Modu

Chi Modu captured some of the golden era of hip hop’s most iconic images. The Nigerian-born photographer shot for The Source in the ‘90s, and had access to Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Mobb Deep, and more. Huck recently caught up with Modu for an interview that delivers some fantastic  insight into his creative process, which holds true for a variety of mediums.

Chi has never believed in the idea of a “lucky shot,” as he feels that in order for it to be truly great, photographers need to know how they landed it. “People think it’s right place, right time,” he says, “but often it’s right place, right time, and right person, because it requires someone with a particular skill set who also has a personality young rulebreakers are comfortable being around.”

Head over to Huck to read the full piece, and check out a short video on Modu’s work below. 

Image Via Chi Modu
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