UPDATE: Illegal Civ’s ‘Godspeed’ Video Is Now Online

Hot on the heels of North Hollywood, Illegal Civ drops another trailer for its latest skate video by Davonte Jolly. GODSPEED is slated for a Christmas release. And from the looks of the above edit, it will be action-packed. The end-of-year content is rolling out at a lightening pace; we can hardly keep up. Add this one to the list of heat emerging during the fourth-quarter blitz.

UPDATE 12.25.20: GODSPEED is now online; watch  Davonte Jolly’s debut full-length for Illegal Civ above. Midler’s ender is easily the best trick of 2020.

UPDATE 12.23.20: With Godspeed set to make its debut on Friday, Thrasher takes a behind-the-scenes look at Illegal Civ’s upcoming release in the latest installment of Deadline. This should be good.