UPDATE: Dover Street Market Now Has a Life-Sized Jason Dill Statue

Jason Dill’s collage work has been the driving force behind Fucking Awesome’s image. Clearly inspired by Dash Snow, Dill’s art has become iconic in its own right. We’ve been seeing his analog cut-and-past images on the bottom of decks and in magazines for years now. But his video work has been less prevalent, and primarily consists of images of FA designs quickly flashed on-screen. This new commercial posted on Instagram over the weekend features a tube television installation showing a mix of various skate videos and films. It captures Fucking Awesome’s aesthetic perfectly. It also makes us wonder when we’ll see a full-length FA video, and how Dill will go about crafting it. Have look for yourself below.

UPDATE 9.6.18: New York’s Dover Street Market has a new FA installation inspired by the brand’s recent commercial complete with a life-sized Jason Dill statue created by Meryl Smith. This is on a another level.

Image Via Anthony Acosta