Paul Rodriguez Announces JB Gillet as Primitive’s New Pro

The rumors proved to be true! Paul Rodriguez took to Instagram last night to officially unveil JB Gillet as Primitive’s new pro. A welcome edit featuring JB, Wade Desarmo, Tiago Lemos, Carlos Ribeiro, Trent McClung, Tre Williams, Devine Calloway, Nick Tucker, and Robert Neal accompanies the announcement. Have a look at P-Rod’s post below. JB’s debut Primitive boards are available now via the brand’s online store.

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The first time I saw JB was in Rodney VS Daewon Round 1 and what stood out to me was the preciseness of all his tricks. I always called him sticky feet because his flip tricks were really fast and always stuck to his feet, it seemed like he could consistently do the trick exactly the same every time and I always wanted to get my flip tricks to have that ability, and I’m still working on it! There’s a line that he did in Round 2 where he does a nollie frontside 180 flip on flat in a line and even though you see the board flip, it doesn’t seem like it ever left his feet! Every time he has any footage drop, I make sure I check it out right away and I only do that with my favorites, otherwise I‘ll just see it when I see it. It’s an honor to have JB on as a pro for @primitiveskate and I look forward to seeing more from sticky feet in the future! -Paul

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