UPDATE: Jenkem Provides a Glimpse Into the Inner Workings of 5Boro

5Boro is the pinnacle of the D.I.Y. aesthetic that has always been inherent in skateboarding. Nothing drives this point home more than Jenkem’s visit to Mark Nardelli’s tiny Lower East Side apartment that houses the brand. Aside from reminding us that where there’s a will there’s a way, this video also reveals that Shredmaster Keith has left Deathwish for 5Boro. We’ll file that bit of info under Team Changes. 5Boro has a new edit dropping via Jenkem sometime later today. We’ll update when it’s online.

UPDATE 02.06.20: Apt. 5B dropped earlier today. It’s another masterpiece from the 5Boro crew that you should definitely watch pronto. In more surprising team change news, Jordan Trahan announced his departure this afternoon as well. This further fuels the rumors that have been floating around that he’s going to ride for Chocolate. Scroll down to watch the video and view Trahan’s announcement.

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