Jerry Hsu Talks Life After Sponsors on the Cameron Adair Podcast

Earlier this week, we commented on how prevalent Sci-Fi Fantasy gear is right now. According to Jerry Hsu, this is a blessing because it’s his primary source of income. He currently has no sponsors for skateboarding, and says he’s okay with that because he doesn’t have to deal with outside obligations.

It’s just a small little thing that I do. It wasn’t a thing that I intended on [becoming a brand]. But I’m glad that I did it. Because it kind of pays for everything. It doesn’t really make that much money. But it [supports me]. I don’t really have sponsors anymore skating. I just sort of started to not care about that stuff. The sponsors just kind of went away. I’m glad I started this thing. Because that’s kind of like my job now.

I quit Chocolate over a year ago because I was just over it. And then, Emerica just kind of let me go. They didn’t fulfill their contract. They just sort of called me and said, “Hey, we’re not going to do this with you anymore.” It was a crazy shock, and pretty upsetting… So I lost that sponsor. And that was my big sponsor that was paying for everything. Any they kind of pulled the rug from under me. It was kind of lame. But whatever.

I was upset about it. Like, “Fuck them for doing this in such a lame way.” But, you know, I don’t really want to film video parts for them anymore.

Listen to the entire podcast above. The bit about sponsors starts at 16:13.