UPDATE: Jesse Vieira Released From Prison in Wake of Mistrial

Yesterday, NBC Bay Area released footage of an altercation that occurred on November 25 between Dan Jensen, a 57-year-old security guard at San Francisco’s Black Rock, and a group of eight skaters. Jesse Vieira, age 24 and from Stockton Calif., has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly striking Jensen in the head with his skateboard during the skirmish. Jensen sustained serious injuries that resulted in part of his brain and skull being removed.

Vieira’s defense is claiming that Jensen started the fight, and Vieira was acting in self defense. The Pizza skateboards pro got the cover of Thrasher in August with his kickflip 50-50 down the Powell Street Bart rail, which was the ender in GX1000’s Roll Up.

We’ll continue to update as this story unfolds.

UPDATE 06.11.19: In what will be the final update of a story that we’ve been following for six months, we’re happy to report that Jesse Vieira has been released from prison in the wake of last month’s mistrial verdict as evidenced by the below photo posted on Instagram this afternoon. While the entire situation is very unfortunate; it appears that justice has prevailed.

UPDATE 05.07.19: San Francisco ABC 7 is reporting that the jury in the Jesse Vieira case was deadlocked, forcing the judge to declare a mistrial. It is now up to the district attorney’s office must now decide if they will refile or dismiss the charges. “We are currently evaluating how best to proceed,” said Alex Bastian, a spokesman for the office, in this article published by SF Gate after the verdict. For now, Vieira will walk away a free man.

UPDATE 04.26.19: Here’s a news report from earlier this week with additional details about 911 calls made by a security guard the day before.

UPDATE 02.16.19: Based on its updated team page and online store, Pizza appears to have severed ties with Vieira.

*Editor’s Note:  Pizza has updated it’s website, and the team section now includes Vieira again.

UPDATE 01.30.19: A GoFundMe was set up last night by Vieira’s girlfriend in support of his legal defense. You can read more about the current status of his situation below.

*Editor’s Note: Since our last update, the GoFundMe has been taken down. But a new fundraiser was set up on a different platform. We’ve updated the links accordingly.

Hi I’m Allison, Jesse’s girlfriend, Jesse’s family and I are creating this gofundme in efforts to further support Jesse with his legal expenses. All the donations will go directly to Jesse’s legal fees. 

Jesse has been involved in an unfortunate incident and while the situation is horrible for more than just himself, those of us who love and care about Jesse are here to do we can to provide that Jesse is cared for. We ask for assistance in the cost of legal fees. We feel it is important that Jesse has proper legal representation as he proceeds through the trial phase of his case. Jesse is currently being represented by Douglas Rappaport, a top criminal defense lawyer, and we hope to ensure that Jesse continues to be represented by him, but we need your help. Jesse is a kind, humble, gentle, passionate man. He has a huge heart and cares so much about his friends and family. This is a horrible time for so many but we ask that everyone come together and show support for Jesse as he moves through this difficult time. Anything and everything is appreciated. We hope that truth and justice will prevail.

You can view a news report about the incident below.

Image Via ABC 7