How Jim Phillips Redefined Skateboarding’s Graphic Design Process

If you are visiting this site, you have likely seen Jim Phillips’s artwork at some point. His career spans six decades, and he’s produced some of the most iconic graphics of all time. View NHS’ catalog to see numerous examples of his illustrations.

Transworld just released a cool stop-motion video that highlights key moments in Phillips’s career. It contains an interesting factoid from 1985—the same year Phillips drew the Screaming Hand logo—that shows how ahead of his time he was.

That same year Jim and his wife Dolly set up the first graphic art computer, the Macintosh 512, at NHS and began laying out all ads, catalogs, and dealer magazines.

Moving graphic design from cut-and-paste by hand to digital production was revolutionary at the time, and would become the industry standard within a few short years.

Take a three minute skate art history lesson above. The bit about the introduction of the computer is at 1:00.