UPDATE: DC Shoes Profiles Jimmy Gorecki’s JSP & Standard Issue Brands


Jimmy Gorecki took it back to his Philadelphia roots for the introduction of his latest JSP release through Standard Issue. The sweats pay homage to the legendary State Property rap group from Philly that was a part of skateboarding’s soundtrack during the early aughts. Gorecki taps further into this era through his heavy nod to his former board sponsor Aesthetics. He prominently features former teammate Kevin Taylor as well as a Rob Welsh reissue in this edit. For those of you who have a special place in your heart for this golden era in skateboarding, this commercial is definitely for you. If you’d like to purchase the JSP Skate Property sweats, you can do so for $90.00 through the Standard Issue online store.

UPDATE 8.29.18: DC Shoes just released a profile video on Jimmy Gorecki that gives a little bit more context on what he’s doing with SJP and Standard Issue. Check it out above.

Image Via Jimmy Gorecki