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Why Jordan Trahan Left New York to Return to Louisiana

A few years ago, Jordan Trahan abandoned New York to return back home to New Orleans. At the time, it seemed like a strange move considering Jordan was rapidly becoming one of the most respected skaters in the city during a time that N.Y. was reestablishing itself as a global Mecca for skateboarding. Trahan reveals the mental health issues at the root of the decision in an interview published by Cafe Creme last week.

Why have you moved back to Louisiana?

The move back was a tough decision to make. After being released from a three week stint in Bellevue in December ‘15, I spent the next year trying to make sense of the manic episode that put me there. Concluding that frequencies put off by the AT&T towers on our roof were at least in part responsible, I realized I needed to get out. After a couple of months readjusting, the strain in my mind had loosened and slowly began to feel right again.

Trahan goes on to reveal a couple of video parts that are in the works for later this year. We’re assuming one of them will be an introduction from a board company since he parted ways with 5Boro back in February.

What are your next plans for the rest of the year, any project in the map?


Well here in New Orleans, my friend Charles is finishing up a local video ‘Broth’ that I should have a little section in. I’m also working on two other parts but they’ll remain a secret for now.

Read the full interview here.

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Shecks Guests on the Latest ‘The Nine Club’ Episode

Pro skater Ryan Sheckler talks about growing up in Southern California, starting skateboarding at the tender age of two, his over two decades of career, and his personal struggles in the latest podcast episode of “The Nine Club”.

He also discusses starting his skateboarding company, the Sandlot Times, and the story behind the name.

The Nine Club is a skateboarding podcast started and hosted by professional skateboarder Chris Roberts in 2016. The show is co-hosted by Roger Bagley and Kelly Hart.

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Vans Skateboarding Drops ‘Lizzie’ Video

Get to know more about Lizzie Armanto through the lens of the persons closest to her in this 35 mm film directed by renowned filmmaker Greg Hunt and presented by Vans Skateboarding.

Lizzie is an X Games gold medalist (Barcelona, 2013) and the first-ever woman to make it to the cover of Transworld Skateboarding in 2016.

She was also the first female skateboarder to do the loop, a 360-degree vertical ramp on which the rider turns completely upside down while maintaining contact between the wheels of the skateboard and the ramp’s surface.

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New Episode of ‘Neighborhoods’ features Leo Heinert and Marco Hernandez

The second episode of “Neighborhoods” featuring pro skateboarder Leo Heinert and photographer Marco Hernandez is now live on the Jenkem Mag channel.

Heinert and Hernandez toured the back of the Boston Market parking lot, Gifford Playground, Greencroft Playground, and their other childhood spots in their hometown Staten Island with the Jenkem team.

Produced by Jenkem Mag, “Neighborhoods” is a series where skaters revisit their old stomping grounds and share stories of growing up in their communities.

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