UPDATE: Chocolate Releases Jordan Trahan Intro Ad

The rumors have been circulating since he left 5boro last year. But Chocolate’s team page has yet to be updated with Jordan Trahan’s name. It appears that this may be changing soon given the recently-vacated pro slot, and this Instagram post from this afternoon. Hopefully we’ll see a welcome clip before the week is over.

UPDATE 09.16.21: The team page has still not been updated. And we’re still waiting on the welcome clip. But the ad makes its official. There’s also a photo floating around (pun intended) of Jordan and James Capps holding up their Hecox graphics, which was published in the latest issue of Thrasher.  We’re assuming we’ll be seeing a board release alongside a Chocolate video during this year’s holiday run-up, better known as SOTY season. Time will tell.

Image Via Chocolate